Womens Ladies Thigh High Over The Knee Low Block Heel Lace Up Slouch Boots Size Grey Faux Suede l0cgE

Womens Ladies Thigh High Over The Knee Low Block Heel Lace Up Slouch Boots Size Grey Faux Suede l0cgE
  • Brand New In Box - Thigh High Flat Boot
  • Approx Heel Height: 1.2 Inches / 3 cm
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Textile
  • Sole: Manmade
  • Closure: Zip
  • Heel Height: 1.2 inches
Womens Ladies Thigh High Over The Knee Low Block Heel Lace Up Slouch Boots Size Grey Faux Suede l0cgE Womens Ladies Thigh High Over The Knee Low Block Heel Lace Up Slouch Boots Size Grey Faux Suede l0cgE Womens Ladies Thigh High Over The Knee Low Block Heel Lace Up Slouch Boots Size Grey Faux Suede l0cgE
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When we have had extinction events on Earth before, the events usually affect the evaporation of water in some fashion from the surface of lakes and oceans. It also affects the transpiration of the forest trees, plants, and flowers and this change cool the air. You must understand how climatology works here; liquid water needs to absorb a lot of latent heat to in order to evaporate, so it sucks energy from the atmosphere to make this energy transfer. This loss of energy from the atmosphere directly cools the planet and this preserves the charge on life’s inner mitochondrial membrane and in the nanotubes present in our cells that contain water. This is how life lives long in the cold.

Those people don’t realize this because they do not live in this pathway for the majority of their life, and few studies have been done to say otherwise. The link above is recently added to this blog post. It seems science is now proving me correct in my theories of extinction events.

Few live in it commonly. And for those who do not live in it, well, no one believes it is possible. Everything about this pathway in the human brain is about optimal mammalian functioning. It is as good, as good gets.My entire life now consists of living within the confines of this pathway.Not everyone will choose too, but when they do get a taste of it,they are just bowled over.The more we induce it, the more beneficial it will be to our health and to our longevity especially when our environment is altered.

Welcome to the leptin-melanocortin pathway of eutherian mammals.Modern life allows us tolive outside your biology and this pathway and this pathway brings you inside your optimal self.Itis that simple.Optimal is for everyone who wants it. From today on, optimal is now a choice and not a mystery to humans.

I know this sounds too good to be true.You might be wondering how this all occurs biochemically in our brain?

Non-scientists and geeks unite

Step 1. The metabolic trap door to the ancient pathway is found in our eye.The first step in the process is the normal high dietary carbohydrate intakes in summer months when the SCN is entrained to high light levels.During this time many mammals will mate and begin the process of getting ready for winter. So carbohydrates are very good for us in the season with high light cycles.This is when they are quite safe.When do they hurt us?

Step 1.

The fact that eNOS entrains the SCN to react to cold, and not light cycles has major implications for autophagy which occurs in sleep in humans,The major function of the leptin receptor in humans is to couple sleep and metabolism,When they are not coupled, due to environmental mismatches, it has major implications for human biology. This is where safe starch theory dies slowly on the vine. Take a look at this link to see how a fetus/newborn is maternally entrained by the cold! The Optimal temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius which is around 50 degrees F. This is exactly where my cold thermogenesis protocol should put you.

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